Your participation and your donation help RECORDARA carry out actions dedicated to the transmission and solidarity!

"Les Polyfolies de la Flûte à bec et son Univers" (Polyfolies of the Recorder and its Universe) organized by RECORDARA (a non-profit non-profit association which receives no public subsidy and whose all members are volunteers ) is dedicated to transmission and solidarity. RECORDARA wishes to promote and encourage the practice of the virtuoso recorder through various cultural and educational events, in particular during this charity festival it has organized every year since 2019 to highlight Early Music, in which it is essentially involved.

This international event, unique in its charitable dimension and its social commitment (its profits are used to help musicians in great difficulty and other transmitters), plays an active role in the preservation and transmission of the exceptional heritage recorder recorder and its Universethe Early Music A vast musical domain covering 9 of the 11 musical eras that make up our History of Music. What a pleasure it is to help the recorder shine by highlighting it among all the other instruments! ! Invited to play in all concerts with virtuoso recorder players, other instrumentalists are given a better understanding of the richness and complexity of this fabulous tool capable of spanning all ages and doing so much good. all ages and doing so much good for society (an authentic source of well-being for education, public health, individual balance, autonomy, courage and perseverance; promotes concentration, listening, trust, sharing, mutual aid, confidence, social peace; offers a solid general culture, space for positive and benevolent human relations; opens up concord between peoples ). "True novelty is always born when we return to our roots" Edgar Morin.

Over the past 5 editions, the RECORDARA association has :

Give young young musicians from a structure enabling them to perform on different public stages,

Contribute to finance the studies of a talented young singer and violist,

Acquire two recorders that are loaned to musicians,

Buy recorders for early-learning workshops,

Provide a small music school with 10 records of Early Music,

Entrust a young musician with the running of a early-learning workshop,

Helping a violinist and a refugee pianist,

Donate a recorder to a music school to a music school that works to integrate children with special needs,

Build a access ramp for a postwoman,

Supporting and monitoring young students in their training path,

Contribute to the purchase of a recorder a student in great difficulty,

Strengthen the position of two teachers recorder teachers,

Validate research of doctoral students ,

Increase the number of early music (CRC, CRD, CRR, Pôle Supérieurs, Conservatoires Supérieurs (CNSMD), private music schools, independent teachers, etc.),

Welcoming young volunteers to the team, to give them an enriching experience,

Training young students organizing a festival,

Contribute to a solidarity fund,

Invite young musicians in need to concerts,

Offer discounts to music schools,

Develop collaborations with secondary school teachers,

Make accessible Early Music and its world to the uninitiated ,

And many more other actions !

♥♥♥♥ Merci de vo re soutien e bon festiva du from 10 to 12 october 2025 ! ♥♥♥♥