The Polyfolies of the Recorder and its Universe

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Supporting young talented musicians is at the core of RECORDARA commitment. In 2019, the money collected has enabled the association to support a young singer (also viola player) and to purchase a recorder from a maker.

We suggest you might have a look at the assessment of the successful 2019 edition of the Festival

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Organising such an event requires a lot of human and technical means, which are very costly.


Musicians are the most important part of the budget. As we did in 2019, we wish to give them a decent salary and also to pay for their expenses connected with transport and accommodation. Lecturers, just as the people in charge of educational workshops, will also be paid.
Two professional security agents will be hired so as to control people at the entrance and watch the premises at night.


The exhibition hall, the chapel and the coffee-shop are free of charge for us, just as a few rooms, tables, chairs and access to electricity and water.
However, we do require various additional equipment, mainly electric.
A communication budget is also necessary for the festival to be publicised : press articles, posters, flyers, gifts…
The chapel will be decorated with flowers and candles.
Since most of the 2019 Festival photos have been unfortunately lost by an amateur photographer, we wish to purchase a good quality camera to convey the atmosphere of the Festival.
A professional caterer will be in charge of the fast-food restaurant, the coffee-shop, the « concert en bouche » and the cocktail dinner that will put an end to the festival.
A professional printer will be in charge of the posters, the flyers and the programmes. Banners and posters featuring the sponsors will be placed at the entrance and in the hall.
We will also need the help of a specialist for the online ticketing, which is very costly.
Last but not least, we require an insurance in case the Festival should be canceled.

Without any subsidy, RECORDARA members have to spend a lot of time and energy in fund-raising so as to ensure the success of their beautiful project.
RECORDARA thus turns to individuals and businesses to support its cultural project, that promotes musicians, instrument makers, early music teachers, all the people connected with early music and the economy of the area.
This project is very significant for the young volunteers and the students who might be interested in working in the world of music, event organising, instrument making and business, since the project can come to life only thanks to business dynamism.

Thank you for sharing the information about the second International Early Music Festival « The Polyfolies of the Recorder and its Universe », that will take place in Nantes from 2nd to 4th October, 2020 and about the invitation to support RECORDARA project

We do hope you will be able to join us so as to enjoy the gems of this wonderful event.

Thank you so much for supporting us !
With best wishes

Catherine FRANCO
RECORDARA chairwoman


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